Creative Sprint Highlights

I joined a 30 day Creative Spring hosted by Another Limited Rebellion. You can follow along on social media by looking up the hashtag #CreativeSprint. Every morning an email with the day’s challenge arrives in my inbox and I take the opportunity to experiment creating something fast and furious.


Day 1 of Creative Sprint 
Make something using only the materials in your immediate environment.

A living picture frame.

A living picture frame by Lindsay Benson Garrett


Day 5 of Creative Sprint 
Make something boring seem exciting.

boring > exciting - Creative Sprint - Lindsay Benson Garrett

Day 6 of Creative Sprint 
Think inside the box.

think inside the box - Creative Sprint - Lindsay Benson Garrett

Day 8 of Creative Sprint 
Flip to a random page in a book at hand and make something inspired by the first sentence you read.

“In this world of great speed, one fact has been only slowly appreciated.”

Day 9 of Creative Sprint 
Open a random drawer and create something with just the contents.

Old business cards and packing tape.

Day 12 of Creative Sprint 
Make some legal graffiti. Create an impermanent work in a public space.

This blew away immediately.

legal grafitti - creative sprint - Lindsay Benson Garrett

Day 19 of Creative Sprint 
Walk aimlessly for 5 minutes, then stop and make something using whatever materials are available where you’ve ended up. Leave it there for someone else to discover.

Freaked out the neighbors by rearranging their stone walkway.

rock waves - creative sprint by Lindsay Benson Garrett

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