Stokefire Open House Poster

Graphic Design, Handmade Design, Photography

Stokefire Branding & Advertising moved to an awesome new office in the summer of 2013 and we wanted to invite the neighbors to an open house while giving some insight into our philosophy. It feels risky to do branding right, because done right, it exposes what makes you different than the competition. The same way that Stokefire pushes our client’s brands to be more than a facade, we pushed our new neighbors to come out of their offices and start new friendships.

This poster was created with over 1,000 matches, glued by hand. The fire extinguisher should probably have been more accessible than it actually was, but we came out unscathed.

Winner of the 2013 MarCom Platinum Award.


The best part of the project.

The best part of the project.