Teri Cochrane, Wellness and Nutritional Counselor

Branding, Graphic Design, Photography

I’ve worked with Teri Cochrane for over seven years and in that time have become good friends with her. She is a phenomenal wellness and nutritional counselor who can transform the life of anyone who follows her customized plans.

She first contacted me to photograph and design a healthy, wholesome recipe book she was writing. One of the main goals of her program is to reestablish a connection to the food one consumes via mindful eating.

Highlighted below are some of my favorite shots from the recipe cards. The package consists of two parts, a guidebook on how to reclaim one’s connection to the food he or she eats and sixty recipe cards, laminated for durability and held together with a ring for easy removal.

Working on this project improved how I approach my own nutritional lifestyle. The book can be purchased through Teri’s website, which I revamped by customizing a WordPress theme and updating all new portrait photography just last year.

Teri Cochrane with client



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