Chart junk, Sparklines & Edward Tufte

Is the infographic craze over yet? Can we move on now? We progressed from vague intrigue to rapidly hitting the “x” button to get the marketing gibberish shouting meaningless numbers off the screen as quickly as humanly possible. “Chart junk” is a term coined by Edward Tufte, the leading expert in data visualization and information […]

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Gin Dance Poster

Gin Dance is debuting a new piece called The Teller, choreographed by artistic director, Shu-Chen Cuff. It’s a beautiful piece, I recommend you get tickets to the show in September! Photography and poster design by yours truly.

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Calligraphy Class

I’m always seeking to learn new things and broaden my knowledge of the world. Curiosity hasn’t killed me yet. On Saturday I took a calligraphy class with Michele Hatty Fritz of Meant to be Calligraphy. I’ve taken an eight week class focusing on broad tip traditional calligraphy before, but I felt more accomplished and excited […]

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Seniority Journal

Seniority is a journal that offers unique and critical perspectives on nutrition, healthcare, and wellness issues affecting individuals 60 and older. It aims to fill a significant gap in practical, evidence-based insights related to these issues. The publication seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice and be a definitive resource to a diverse […]

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Charlottesville Ballet Branding and Photography

I met Sara Jansen and Emily Mott while we were all dancing at the Richmond Ballet as trainees. Sara and Emily co-direct the Charlottesville Ballet and recently opened the Charlottesville Ballet Academy. They contacted me to give them an updated, elegant look to celebrate the new school. Incorporated into the mark is movement, pointe shoe ribbons, and […]

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Experimental artwork made for a school alumni show in 2006. I created the sculpture with threads, then photographed it and added a few trailing threads digitally.

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S.M.I.L.E. Recipe Book

Original logo design, food photography, and recipe card and book design for the S.M.I.L.E. program.

I’ve worked with Teri Cochrane for over six years and in that time have become good friends with her. She is a phenomenal wellness and nutritional counselor who can transform the life of anyone who follows her customized plans.

She first contacted me to photograph and design a healthy, wholesome recipe book she was writing. One of the main goals of her program is to reestablish a connection to the food one consumes via mindful eating.

Highlighted below are some of my favorite shots from the recipe cards. The package consists of two parts, a guidebook on how to reclaim one’s connection to the food he or she eats and sixty recipe cards, laminated for durability and held together with a ring for easy removal.

Working on this project improved how I approach my own nutritional lifestyle. The book can be purchased through Teri’s website, which I revamped by customizing a Wordpress theme and updating all new portrait photography just last year.

SMILE recipe package

goat cheese plums

Mediterranean Quinoa

Raspberry Brownie

Quinoa Apples Walnuts

Cheese & Roasted Plum

Tomato, turkey, basil, pesto


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