Calligraphy Class

I’m always seeking to learn new things and broaden my knowledge of the world. Curiosity hasn’t killed me yet.

On Saturday I took a calligraphy class with Michele Hatty Fritz of Meant to be Calligraphy. I’ve taken an eight week class focusing on broad tip traditional calligraphy before, but I felt more accomplished and excited with the progress I made in those three too short hours.

I was surprised that I was only one of two professional designers in the class, the rest were brides looking to learn how to create beautiful lettering for their wedding. At one point during the class Michele said, “Be sure to be practicing words that you might find useful later, like Thank you, Merry Christmas, You’re invited.” Of course I was sitting there writing things like “pumpkin soup” and “under the sea.”

We were given a variety of nibs and a pen holder, along with black ink and dinky dips, a name which we ridiculed gleefully. I guarantee I will be practicing and putting this new skill to use quite a lot.

Calligraphy Class

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